Welcome to Hermann Haus

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Shadow on Concrete Wall

Learn all about the house!

All sorts of photos of our home can be found here.
Want an in-house massage in Hermann?  Click here
Check out the floor plan here.
Some of our favorite restaurants.
We were featured on the Hermann Christmas Holiday Parlor Tour - 2014
Hermann’s Angels  The Ladies that help make the magic!  Mary and her gang love gathering here, swapping stories, laughing, crying, and maybe drinking a little wine and tequila.  
Please Note:  The Hermann Haus is not for rent and is not a licensed
B&B or Inn.  Bryan and John share it with friends and family free
of charge and never collect a room fee. 
It's wonderful, how many happy memories get created at the Haus.  No need to pay for your stay, Bryan and John just appreciate how much guests love it and how every guest cleans the Haus so well for the next guest.  
Since 2013, the Haus has never needed a housekeeper! 

If you like, leave some wine or spirits for the next guest.