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Meditation Apps

Science-based benefits of a practice of meditation include

Stress, anxiety and depression reduction, promoting an improved self image, enhanced self awareness and a more positive outlook on life.

May increase the strength and endurance of attention and may reduce
age-related memory loss.

Helps improve sleep and control pains, and may help fight addictions.

Meditation can decrease blood pressure!

Simply Search the Application Store on your Smart Phone for these Recommended Applications

meditation oasis.JPG

Excellent reviews, lots of choices; you can choose formats that deal with specific emotions like anxiety. $3 to purchase.

Insight Timer.JPG

Won a “top 50” app award in 2016. Search thousands of pre-recorded meditations, or set a timer for non-guided meditation. You can select meditations from  5 to 45 minutes.


Good for beginners. 

Guided meditation starts with only a few minutes, increasing in time each....and it reminds you to do it!


Great reviews, good beginner’s app. Many reviewers report that the voice guiding your meditation, Andy, is soothing and easy
to listen to.

Pick the App that’s Best for You….Start Today!

All you have to lose is your stress and anxiety.

Begin your daily practice, even if it’s only 5 Minutes.

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