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Medical Clinics for Fertility

  • Diagnostic Help/IUI (No IVF).  Our clients love Becky, the Center’s Director!

  • IVF Center:  MCRM Fertility  (Well Respected Clinic, offering very advanced and innovative
    techniques–ranked highly in national stats–Acupuncturist John Schmieder provides sessions there during IVF cycles)

  • Practitioners for during Pregnancy:
    OB/Gyn: Women’s Care Specialists (at St Luke’s Hospital & in St Peters)
    Ask for Janet Matuszek, MD, or Kelly Ott, MD
    This practice also takes high risk pregnancies


  • Midwife Services:  

       Mercy Birthing Center Midwifery Care

For the Guys:  Fertility-Trained Doctors for Male Testing & Treatment: 

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