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Safe Strength Training and Injury Recovery

  • Fitness Studio & Class:  Lionheart Fitness in Richmond Heights.  Free first personal training visit for our acupuncture clients.  Michael Aiello is very skilled in helping clients recover from injury, especially back pain.  Check out why we refer clients there

  • Coaching and Training with a Body-Positive Professional who meets you where you are.  Outdoor classes available, online coaching as well.

  • Virtual Training Sessions: Acupuncturist John has trained with Cassy, and is impressed with her knowledge of fitness techniques.  And her positive energy will help you push thru your workout Blah’s!

  • Samantha Lander,  NASM Trainer, Functional Diagnostics Nutrition,

  • Weight Loss/Help with Obesity with no Judgement:  Brandon Glore, Prescription Fitness in South County:  Website and Facebook and Post Dispatch Article

More Healthy Resources

  • Bone Density Experts:  Ladies, this is VERY important! Drug-free ways to heal

    • Osteo Strong–4 weight stations/15 minutes per week  Click here

    • Vibration/Power Plate Therapies in Richmond Heights –

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